How To Be An Influencer

If the term “Influencer” makes you roll your eyes or squirm a little, I hope you got the chance to read my recent  post for Susquehanna Style in collaboration with their “Women of Style” issue. The gist of the “They Call Me, Influencer” post is that I too, have mixed feelings about the title (although I admire plenty of people who wear it very well). Influencer is definitely not a title that I attribute to myself. I don’t sell things on the internet. I don’t solicit goods or services in order to review them for followers and I don’t profit from my online presence. I am, however, increasingly aware of the influence that I do have, that we all have on the internet and in real life. As I come to terms with the terms that get attributed to my name and platform, I choose to reclaim and rebrand any titles that don’t sit well with me and that’s how the hashtag #influence4impact was born. It’s our hope that YOU will join with us in using YOUR influence for impact too.

Why bother using the hashtag? 

Thanks to some local media coverage, the youtube video, and some like-minded friends with larger platforms, the hashtag has eyes on it right now. That means when you tag your posts using #influence4impact it will be seen by people who might not see your posts otherwise. Hashtags aggregate similar posts together making them easier for people to find and respond to, so if you’re following the tag, you’re setting yourself up to see inspiring content, and if you use the tag, you’re more likely to have your impact posts seen by people who are looking for inspiration, motivation and avenues to help or get involved! Finally, we are following the hashtag and reposting your posts to our audience in the hopes that positive and empowering messages like yours will spread farther and faster than posts that make readers feel helpless or frustrated.

Examples of when you should tag posts with #Influence4Impact 

  • You’re volunteering at an organization making difference

  • You’ve found a way to show random or intentional kindness that might inspire others to do the same

  • Elevating the story of an unsung hero

  • A post about a business or brand with a social conscience

  • Posts that build community engagement or social awareness

  • Sharing an art piece that moves or inspires you

  • Opportunities for others to give of their time or resources to create positive impact in our communities locally and globally.

  • Words that inspire hope, love, and empowerment.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has cared enough about what we have to say to “follow” us on any of our social platforms and we feel compelled to use any platform we are given to elevate voices of hope and light and love. We can’t wait to see what ways YOU choose to use your influence to impact the world as well!

Ps. If you’re gears are already turning about how you can use YOUR influence to create impact..You are my people. If you totally picked up on my Moby Dick nod in the title of the Susquehanna Style article and/or you’re following these great examples of Influence4Impact already..then you’re my people too! It feels good to be gotten. xo

Some of our favorite Instagram Accounts using their #influence4impactPin

Some of our favorite Instagram Accounts using their #influence4impact

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