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I work at a school where the children wear uniforms. When they pass me in the hallway they often exclaim, “oh I love your boots!” or “I love your fit! (which means outfit for the slang-challenged like me)” and if I know the student well I try to say things like, “i love your heart” or “I love your tenacity!” or “I love how you’re always making people’s day brighter” but when I’m in a hurry or if a student is new to me, the most genuine thing I can think to say back besides “thank you” is “I love your face!” and it’s always true and ALWAYS brings a big smile. So reader, because I also love YOUR face..I’d like to introduce you to the person who takes the best care of MY face, Abby!

Abby is the reason I NEVER book facials anymore when I have the luxury of a girls spa day..it’s because I know that the most beneficial facial I have ever had, comes from the face-loving, skin-soothing, cell-nourishing expertise of this beautiful soul and esthetician extraordinaire. I usually don’t wear makeup for the first few days after my facial because my skin is just so supple and nourished that I don’t even want to cover it up and people notice the difference, so I knew this secret was too good to keep. I know we can’t all afford the luxury of having someone else take such good care of our skin, but if you ARE able to treat yourself or someone else to a visit with Abby, your skin will truly thank you for it! Hang on till the end for a special offer just for YOU!

Here’s my favorite face-keeper, Abby in her own words!

Abby Heagy, Licensed Medical Esthetician : @SkinbyAbbyHeagy on InstagramPin

Abby Heagy, Licensed Medical Esthetician : @SkinbyAbbyHeagy on Instagram

If you had to complete this sentence. My name is Abby and the legacy I want to leave in the world is _

My name is Abby and the legacy I want to leave in the world is SELF CARE (SELF LOVE) I’m working toward that right now by educating my clients to LOVE the skin they are in by getting regular facial treatments and having a daily skin care routine. Self care is not selfish. It is necessary in order to take care of others.

How did you decide to get into this line of work?

My background is originally in sales and marketing and I have a Bachelors in Business. After being in the corporate world for about 8 years, I needed a change and wanted to pursue something I really had a personal interest in and that was skincare and esthetics. So I went back to school in 2013 and got my Esthetician license. My goal when I graduated was to work in a med spa or for a plastic surgeon so I did just that. I eventually decided I wanted to work for myself. I love helping my clients achieve results with their skin and maintain healthy glowing skin by offering services that really make a difference in the skin.

What sets you apart from other estheticians?

I am trained in medical esthetics and I worked for one of the top 5% of injectors in the country. I am trained and specialize in Dermaplaning. Its one of my favorite treatments to perform on clients as its a safe and effective treatment for various skin types including the most sensitive skin and for clients who are pregnant and or nursing. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that removes dry dead skin skin plus the vellus hair ( aka peach fuzz). It leaves your skin brighter, smoother and more radiant!

What question do you get the most often?

Why am I breaking out when I am in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc?!

What do you wish more people knew about what you do?

I wish that more people really understood the benefits in taking care of their skin regularly. Getting facials goes way beyond a luxury treatment. Here are some of the top benefits of getting a facial:
1. Stress relief

2. Skin cell renewal

3. Collagen production

4. Evens out skin tone

5. The end resulting in healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it needs regular TLC. It is also your billboard and the first thing people see when they meet you. Its never to late or too early to start investing in your skin as its going to represent you for a very long time.

What are your top tips for getting or maintaining healthy, beautiful skin?

3 words that come to mind when asked this question is consistency, patience and dedication. Consistency- using medical grade skincare products (professional products) every day, morning and night. Patience- this is key as it take time to see results, they are not always immediate. Dedication- getting treatments monthly. Your skin regenerates itself every 28 days so getting monthly facials is important to maintaining a healthy glow. AND don’t forget to wear your facial SPF (30 or higher) every single day. This should be your the non-negotiable last step of your morning skin care routine. This is key as it shields your skin from UV rays, which can lead to burning, wrinkles and skin cancer. Your skin will thank you.

What’s WILD about your life right now?

The fact that I have been working for myself and doing what I LOVE for ONE year! This past year has flown and I cant believe its been a year. Growing up in family business, I had dreamed of having my own business someday. Turning that dream into a reality has been wild and crazy, yet so rewarding. Being able to work for myself while helping clients achieve results is a dream come true.

What’s most Precious to you?

Life itself and my family and friends, most specifically my 3 precious nieces. Life is so short and everyday is a true gift. My family and friends means the world to me.

What leaves you WONDERstruck?

What leaves me wonderstruck is spending quality time with the people I love, having great conversations and watching a beautiful sunset over the water.

How do you make the most of every moment?

I try to live each day and cherish each moment as if it were my last.

Lancaster Friends, I absolutely love going to see Abby and the effect that her magic has had on my skin. I’m thrilled to introduce you to her and I hope you get the chance to experience her expertise first hand! Love YOUR face! For the next three months, Abby is offering $20 off a facial treatment to any new client. Just mention Wild Precious Now when you book! You can contact her via Instagram @SkinByAbbyHeagy. Expires February 13th 2020.

@WildPreciousNow . Christine C. HallidayPin

@WildPreciousNow . Christine C. Halliday

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