Wanderlust Educators: Unlocking Adventure on a Teacher’s Budget

Chrissy walking from her classroom library onto the beach

In this post, we’re sharing all the Travel Discounts and perks we are aware of that are specific to educators who love to travel! Did we miss one? If so, please let the community know in the comments. Looking for educator discounts beyond the travel industry? Check out our other post on teacher discounts in […]

Exploring the Legacy Of Sleepy Hollow at Strasburg Rail Road

Autumn Comes When my kids were little, sharing the magic of this time of year was so easy! We visited the pumpkin patch, picked, decorated, painted, and  baked with pumpkins. We covered the porch in hay bales, pumpkins and gourds that we scoured our favorite farm stands to find. We did corn mazes and trick […]

Welcome To Lancaster (From New York) : A Post From The Archives

This post was originally written in 2015 and published by Things To Lancaster. I’m bringing it back from the archives and welcome your input to the conversation. In the years since I wrote this post, more and more publications have pointed out the similarities between the big apple and our little city. Most recently the […]

I Love Your Face! Meet Abby Heagy

I work at a school where the children wear uniforms. When they pass me in the hallway they often exclaim, “oh I love your boots!” or “I love your fit! (which means outfit for the slang-challenged like me)” and if I know the student well I try to say things like, “i love your heart” […]

15 Totally FREE Ways to Practice Self-Care

“To have the capacity to really love and care for others, we’ve got to take the time to show love and care for ourselves.” Contrary to what the market might lead you to believe, self care is not boujee! Self-care is a necessity for ALL of us. Don’t get it twisted, I love pampering and […]

Making The Most of 60 Minutes Of Float Therapy

Alright Friend, imagine this, it’s ten o’clock on a random Tuesday. Both of my kiddos are at camp and on a whim I’ve made myself an appointment for a float therapy session at the Bala Float Spa in Landisville. I first read about Float Therapy, or Sensory Deprivation Tanks in this NYT article a few […]