Wonderstruck In Lancaster PA : At Anita’s On Walnut

One of the aspects of Lancaster that always leaves me wonderstruck is the way this town has no shortage of amazing and inviting, coffee shops! Coffee shops are magic for so many reasons, the caffeine jolt is just the start, it’s also the people watching, the atmosphere, the perfect table to catch up with an old friend, make a new friend or hide from your friends while getting work done! Whenever I visit a new place, finding their most loved coffee shops is top of my travel list, and while I’m here at home, I make it a point to hop around and decide what I love most about each of the unique cafe’s and java joints that keep my hometown awake and in awe as we move through our lives.

I love each one for different reasons, and Anita’s on Walnut is one of my newest favorites!

What I love most about Anita’s is the welcoming atmosphere. Anita and her husband Bob can tell you a story about every piece of furniture and every beautiful fixture in the place. When I have a sweet tooth, Anita’s in a no-brainer she has the most amazing biscotti in every flavor you can think of, the lavender latte is just the right amount of sweet and if you’re lucky enough to be in on a day that Bob’s peanut butter caramel brownies are in, you will be thanking me with every salty- sweet, close your eyes it’s that good bite!

Insider tip: Just a few steps away, and across the street is a tiny but beautiful outdoor spot to unwrap some biscotti and take those last few sips of coffee in the sunlight, this patch of green goodness in the midst of the little city is known as Triangle park.

You can find out more about Anita’s On Walnut by following them on Instagram or reading the article I wrote about them for Fig Lancaster.

Hope you’re finding the sweetness and the story in YOUR favorite coffee spots and I hope you’re making the most of your one wild and precious now!

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