Indie Shopping Favorites In Lancaster PA

Lancaster City Indie Retail Week is the perfect excuse to celebrate the faces and places that make the Retail opportunities in the City of Lancaster so much fun!

When visitors from out of town want to hit up the outlet malls, I’m down, but first, I bring them downtown for a shopping trip that feels more like an intentionally curated experience and less like an errand. THAT’S what I love about shopping local, the attention to detail, the personal care, the story behind each boutique and purveyor…the EXPERIENCE that can’t be replicated somewhere else and usually ends with a trunk full of bags that everyone feels excited about having purchased, and a full day of memories, exploration, warm encounters, and fabulous finds. There are 52 weeks a year that are primed for shopping local, but this year, July 15-21, Lancaster City Indie Retail Week, gives you the excuse you’ve been waiting for to celebrate and support the more than 80 Independent Retailers downtown who bring passion and purpose to their businesses while creating a positive social and economic impact – locally, nationally and globally.

You can check out a full list of Retailers here: Lancaster Indie Retail Week  But here are ten of my favorites if you need recommendations on a good place to start! 

Realm & Reason:

I find at least one item that I over-the-top love EVERY time I go into this store! From unique and enchanting jewelry pieces, to easy but elegant dresses, cool vinyl stickers, they carry vintage and handmade pieces for both men and women, and I love the eclectic creative vibe of the whole store. Added Bonus: At check out, you can pick Evan’s brain about renovations and remodels and then take in the latest art installment in the attached gallery and if you’re lucky, you may even pick up some pointers from a dance class in progress. 

Pop’d Shop: 

We first heard about the Pop’d shop during the Great Social Enterprise and we LOVED their mission focussed vision to empower local entrepreneurs. Now that we’ve been in, we love their locally sourced, hand crafted, clean take on all our favorite snack foods! The popcorn is addicting…size up! We also loved the lightly sweet and full on pucker of the Lank Drank and the protein punch of the Elvis Pop Toast sandwich. 

Nicole Taylor Boutique

I dare you to not fall in love with Nicole’s spirit when you visit her shop. Her authentic warmth and fierce fashion sense have transformed her business and her customers wardrobes over the years, and I’m always excited to reminisce with her about the year we first met, and how her dreams and plans have blossomed and become since then. Beautiful patterns, and options that range from sexy to sophisticated will have you twirling around in something that makes you look and feel beautiful!

Mad Cap

This store is a kaleidoscope of funky, fun, whimsy and wonder. I pop in here for unexpected gifts, Lancaster-centric swag, and because it’s just got a feel-good vibe that always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel empowered to embrace my love of weirdly wonderful stuff! 

Lush Bazaar

Another shop with a social impact, Timbrel’s passion for empowering women through fashion is the first reason that you can’t miss stopping in at Lush Bazaar. The stunning patterns, vibrant colors, and one of a kind pieces will take your senses and your closet to the next level. 


Walk through the doors of this boutique and you’re immediately transported to a sun-drenched, magical place where everything is beautiful and inviting and waiting to go home with you. This store is curated with exquisite taste and approachable luxury! I’ve been known to visit just for a pick me up, but the home section and jewelry selection draw me (and my credit card) in most of all! 

If you haven’t seen the Wild Precious Now video about Kathy Frey and her Selga Clothing line, check that out here

Sophie Stargazer

Ethical fashion and impeccable style, set Sophie Stargazer apart. As an added bonus, owner, Kristin Snyder knows how to dress her clients and deliver unmatched personal styling expertise to everyone who walks through the doors. My favorite pieces in her store blend meaningful story and girlie style with a little badassitude. Specializing in ethically made, eco friendly, quality pieces, you know the clothes you buy here will be a part of your journey that you feel good about and feel good in. 


Unless you’re a world traveler yourself or you’ve had people you love stationed overseas and sending you treats from abroad, you might not be aware of the magnificence of Nordic countries’ obsession with candy! If you’ve had Swedish candy before, you know they hold the secret for harnessing sunshine into brightly colored orbs and delighting tastebuds without some of the additives that many candy lovers would rather avoid. Sweetish is Lancaster’s own Swedish candy store with a pick-n-mix wall of candy and imported Scandinavian groceries, cheeses, home goods, snacks, and more!

El Jardin

The truth is I pop in to El Jardin whenever I’m shopping Queen Street to see owner, Luis Morales because I adore him. The other truth is, whether he’s in the shop that day or not, it’s always a secret garden of twisting vines, bright blooms, fragrant buds and happy house plants. With life teeming over urns and spilling across table tops, it’s hard not to get swept up and walk out with something lovely wrapped up in brown paper and tied up with string to brighten your day or someone else’s.

Fox Duck

We’d be totally remiss if we didn’t mention our friends at FoxDuck. This Graphic Design Company with their own screen printing shop, focuses on promoting Lancaster Businesses and good luck finding a softer, more easy fitting Tshirt anywhere! Of course, we’re partial to the one they designed for us..but we really dig their other designs too! 

Besides being a fun way to spend your wild and precious now, shopping local is also a way to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation within the community. Small businesses help our local economy, and foster a sense of belonging by allowing individuals to share their gifts, talents, expertise, culture, creativity and style with us through their independent retail spaces! 

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