Lancaster Central Market Roundup!

What to Try and Where to Start on Market Day!

I’ve been going to Lancaster Central Market for years. As one of the oldest farmers markets in the country, the history of the place lures me in almost as much as the community. If you’ve never been, I won’t be able to adequately describe the magic of sun streaming through towering windows and casting a warm glow over the hustle and bustle of the little city doing “Market Day”. I can’t capture here the smells, the tastes, the sounds of a space filled to brim with freshness, culture, and neighborly interactions. It’s an experience worth having and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you HAVE been to Central Market, or if it’s regular part of your weekly or monthly routine, no doubt you have some favorites that you can’t leave Central Market without. I noticed that all the choices and changes in market can sometimes be overwhelming for myself and others. In recent years, I’ve challenged myself to try something new with each visit. Deciding what to try is a fun problem to have, and usually I find my way by striking up conversation with someone nearby and asking them what’s THEIR “must grab” item.

On my most recent market trip, I was waiting in the fast-moving line that snakes around Market Street as capacity is controlled for safety. I was chatting with a couple in front of me and I asked them for their favorite market find. “What’s the one thing that compels you to come to market so you can bring it home” their response was the fresh guacamole, hands down. I made a mental note and then recommended to them, my absolute market must have “Baked Lemon Ricotta” and was a little giddy to bump into them at S. Clyde Weavers a few minutes into our visit, asking for exactly that. #notsponsored


I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a roundup of some Market-Must-Haves to help guide your next visit. I polled some Lancaster foodie Facebook friends for theirs and am including the most popular choices organized by market stand. Lancaster Central Market is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6am-3pm. Visiting Lancaster Central Market can be a part of your shopping routine or a grand adventure!

I’ve loved bringing my children along and challenging them to find and choose new foods to try over the years. A great date idea was shared among my foodie facebook friends when one couple took the list we had all generated and used it as a guide to shop new items and then do a tailgate tasting in the parking lot. How fun are they?! @WildPreciousNow on Instagram.

My 10 Current Market Must-Haves:

Market obsessions are a cyclical thing. For me it goes something like this. Go to market for those 1 or 2 things you just have to have and can’t find anywhere else, something new catches your eye (or you catch a whiff of something tasty and it beckons you over) . You bring the new thing home and are smitten. Now it’s on your list of market must-haves. There are SO many things I love to pick up at market, and in years past, one of my favorite past times was worming my way through the aisles (with a cup of coffee or tea in hand) looking for something new to try. If you’ve never done that, I highly recommend it. I also always suggest talking to your neighbors and the stand owners about THEIR favorites! In these times, my market trips are a little bit more planned and purposeful than meandering but right now, these are the ten things that will get me out of my comfies and into my car on Saturday morning without hesitation!

1. Baked Lemon Ricotta From S. Clyde Weavers:

This is a staple in my house, especially when I’m entertaining and pulling together a cheese board of any kind. It’s like cheesecake with less sweetness, and it calls to me every single time! Try it!

2. Soulcialize Mac and Cheese and Seafood Gumbo:

We’re a little obsessed and with good reason. My husband says the gumbo is the best he’s had and the mac and cheese is melty, creamy, tangy heaven in a bowl. Comfort food that hits at the soul level.

3. Lemon Meringue Pie From Zig’s Bakery:

If they have mini pies, get more than one, and the coconut cream is a super close second. I honestly don’t even LOVE lemon meringue, but I do love Zig’s lemon meringue!

4. Pineapple House Candles:

If you’ve bumped into me at market lately, it was probably in front of this stand. I love smelling all the new candles and reading the fun names. Make sure to sniff and choose wisely because these will definitely fill the room with gentle fragrance. (But I LOVE that in a scented candle.)

5. Crab Cakes from Josephine's:

little to no filler and so much fresh flavor. They crisp up beautifully and taste divine!

6. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Pierogies from Inna’s:

So we love ALL of Inna’s pierogies but just tried these recently at someone else’s suggestion and they are delightful! Grab some for breakfast before you start shopping!

7. Ghost Pepper Chocolates From Miesse’s :

For something delightfully different that you don’t have to worry about the kids devouring by the handful! I love to savor these slowly and they pair great with red wine, hot tea or whiskey as an after dinner indulgence.

8. From Christina’s Criollo: Puerto Rican Roast Pork, Maduros (sweet plantains), Yuka :

You’ve never had pork like Christina’s pork. It melts in your mouth and kicks you with beautiful flavors! Plantains are something I crave, same with yellow rice … and the Yuka is something I’ve only ever had from this stand but it was something special and has to be added to the list!

9. Fox and Wolfe Farm Edible Blossoms:

There is something so delightful about adding flowers to salads, entree’s and fancy drinks. You’ll feel like an artist in the kitchen and whatever you add them to feels all the more inspired and special. (Give it a try and let me know what you think!)

10. Spanakopita (aka Spinach Pie) from Saife’s Middle Eastern:

Is this dish new to you? The flavor is buttery, earthy and wholesome. The texture melts in your mouth with flaky pastry and salty, melty filling.


Are there entire stands you’ve seen and passed by but didn’t know where to start or what to try? Do you feel overwhelmed about what to choose? Here’s a roundup of our favorites and the recommendations from our local friends who have shared their favorites with us! We sorted them by stand to make navigating easier and remind you that there’s something new to try on your next visit!

Look for these favorites:

  • Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
  • Homemade Granola

Primarily a wholesale gluten-free bakery located in Lancaster, you will find a variety of bread and baked goods every Market day. Try their loaf bread, raspberry thumbprint cookies, or granola next time you visit.


Look for these favorites:

  • Locally Popped Popcorn
  • Stroopies

Mike Wachter stocks his stand full of more than 44 different varieties of jarred items, including salsas, jams, dressings, mustards, and pickled vegetables – all of which are time-honored Amish and Mennonite family traditions. Also available at the stand are BBQ and hot sauces; locally popped popcorn; handmade biscotti; soup and cookie mixes; and Stroopies. Visit for a unique taste of Lancaster County!


Try these favorites:

  • Saurkraut (gets rave reviews)
  • Fresh Cut Flowers

Carrying local, in-season produce directly from their southern Lancaster County farm, along with fresh, regional produce, Barr’s Farm Produce fills their stand each week with quality fruits, veggies, and flowers. Always ready with a smile – and maybe a joke or two – it’s quite evident the Barr family loves what they do. Seasonal favorites include incredible Winter sauerkraut, fresh-cut Spring and Summer flowers, and delicious Fall apple cider.

STAND 44 717-786-3643

Try these favorites:

  • Lettuces are something special (and come on, theres the definite cool factor of hydroponic greens)
  • Tomatoes (some argue they’re the best around!)

Brogue Hydroponics began with Bob and Nancy Kilgore’s produce-growing journey in 1983 with hydroponic technology. The unique method employs recyclable nutrient-rich solutions in peat moss rather than traditional soil. Their operation has evolved from one small greenhouse of simple lettuce to more than eight greenhouses filled with a variety lettuce, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, all naturally grown.


Try these favorites:

  • Truffle Gnocchi
  • Fresh Fettuccine

Fresh pastas and sauces are Buona Tavola specialties. All of their fresh pastas, including spinach, whole wheat, vegan, and gluten-free varieties, among others, are made with generations-old recipes straight from Calabria, Italy. Sharing quality food with people you love is a special part of Italian culture, which is exactly what the Buona Tavola family hopes to share here in Lancaster, too.

STAND 42 717-682-0638

  • Grab a bouquet for yourself and one for someone else..
  • @WildPreciousNow tip: put your hands on your cheeks and browse and buy the blooms that make your cheeks rise 🙂

Laura and her creative team at Central Market Flowers by Perfect Pots bring an abundance of beautiful flowers to Market for patrons to delight in each week. Their offering includes a variety of seasonal blooms, buds, and greens, many of which are grown in their Strasburg greenhouse and on a local farm just north of the City. Whether you’re looking for single stems to create your own masterpiece, or a lovely ready-made bouquet, be sure to give their beautiful selection a look.


Try these favorites:

  • Smoothies (add yogurt to your favorite fruit blend)
  • Wheat grass shots
  • Bagels

Squeezed, mixed, and blended daily, Brad and Sue Ann at Central Market Juice Company offer a healthful variety of options for creating your favorite fruit drink or smoothie. Add a dollop of yogurt or a shot of wheatgrass for some extra zing! They also offer a selection of bagels from neighboring bakeries and breads from Philadelphia bakeries, including Le Bus, Kaplan Jewish, and Baker Street, that arrive fresh each Market day.

STAND 16 717-940-1049

Try these favorites:

  • Signature Sofrito
  • Plantains (If you love them or you’ve never had them before, you’ll want to taste Christina’s take)
  • Pork (trust me, get the pork dish)

Paying homage to her Puerto Rican roots, Christina Maldonaldo serves delicious comida criollo, which combines Spanish cooking techniques and local ingredients. Each dish is made with love and care from her own family recipes. Her empanadas are a Market favorite, and her sofrito is a specialty, so be sure to try some of each during your visit, along with her many other authentic Latin-inspired dishes!


Try these Favorites: 

  • Lamb
  • Antibiotic Free Chicken Thighs

Country Meadows Farms is a cooperative of local farms in southern Lancaster County that brings fresh, grass-fed, free-range meat and poultry to Market each week. Each cut at Country Meadows is free from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, as well, adding to its high-quality nature. Choose from a wide variety of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey for your next delicious meal!

STAND 45 717-224-9493

Try these favorites:

  • Bone Broth
  • Stock on tap

Offering a variety of fresh stocks and broth on tap Crowded Kitchen locally sources ingredients to create the perfect base for soups and sauces. Try their beef bone broth that cooks for 17 hours or pick up a container of soup for a quick lunch.


Try these favorites:

  • Meatballs…try the meatballs!
  • Olives

Lorne Horst fills his stand each week with a variety of Italian specialties, including a wonderful assortment of both imported items and homemade dishes from recipes that have stood the test of time. The meatballs are, for example, constructed from a secret family recipe of the previous stand owner, Sally DelGiorno, and pair perfectly with sausage and marinara on a Philly-style hoagie roll. Delizioso!

STAND 60 717-669-1805

Try these Favorites:

  • Obviously, you need to try the Empanadas! They’re as delicious as they smell.
  • Uruguayan and Spinach (if you’re feeling indecisive, start here)

Offering handmade empanadas made with vegan dough and gourmet fillings, always baked.


Try these favorites:

  • Bacon.
  • Also, Bacon
  • Beef & Bleu Sandwich

You’ll find at Farm 2 Table Creations an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses, fresh charcuterie, and bacon styles. And if you have a moment, ask them to craft you a sandwich with some of these fine ingredients!


  • Want to add some Classic Lancaster to a gift basket or welcome for out of town guests, this is your spot.

Quilting is quite the time-honored tradition here in Lancaster County, and for 30 years, Amish Community member Sally Lapp has been sharing its beauty with Market-goers. From hand-stitched quilts and potholders to pillows and potholders, there is something for everyone. Alongside her wide variety of quilted products, she also offers other country-inspired décor, including lighted wooden art pieces and decorative plaques.

STAND 23 717-715-6500

  • The Glassworks are going to bring so much color and light into your space
  • Bring measurements for that blank space on your wall.

Karin Meacham has curated a wonderful variety of handmade art and glasswork from local and global artists since 1989. Specializing in flat glass, pottery, wooden signs, hand-painted glassware, and jewelry, Forever Friends is the perfect place to find a special piece of beautiful art for your home, or a unique gift for a loved one. Stop by to take in the creative beauty!


Try these favorites:

  • Edible Flowers, I’m telling you!
  • Microgreens
  • Fresh Eggs

Conner Smith fills his stand to the brim each week with USDA certified organic produce, eggs, and farm flowers from a generational farm in Pine Grove started by his great-grandparents in 1900.


Try these favorites:

  • Horseradish pickles have a cult following. Start with those!
  • Dill pickles (better than you’ve had from those hard to open jars)

Offering 18 flavors of hand-crafted “cold pack” pickles. Because their pickles are cold packed and never subjected to heat, they are crisper than a jarred pickle. From mild to spicy, sweet to sour, you’ll find a flavor for every pickle lover

STAND 35 717-600-9786

Try These Favorites:

  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms

Passionate about fresh, thoughtful, local foods, Laura Stauffer Sisay opened Green Circle Organics at Market in 2003. She proudly partners with local family farms to provide those who visit her stand with healthy, sustainable produce, dairy, and dried goods. Each week, you’ll find a full range of local and regional in-season produce, as well as certified organic and fair trade year-round options.


Try these favorites:

  • Lettuces (Bibb is my favorite)
  • Asparagus

The Groff family has been selling its impeccable produce here for more than 70 years – since 1946. Talk about a true Market institution! Wesley Groff brings a plethora of vegetables to Market each week from the plentiful soil of his 10-acre, chemical-free farm. A Groff family specialty is lettuce – with more than 14 varieties from which to choose – so be sure to grab yourself a picture-perfect bunch when you visit!

STAND 9 717-656-7096

Try these favorites:

  • Pineapple Salsa
  • Guacamole

Hailing from Cuba, Raidel uses a decades-old recipe from the grandmother of his business partner to make fresh guacamole and salsas. He offers four styles, all of which are super delicious: pineapple salsa, green tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and red plum salsa!

STAND 30 717-490-4120

Try these Favorites:

  • Rice and Beans
  • Sugar Cane Juice

Rene Diaz at Havana Juice offers freshly pressed sugar cane juice – a natural, unprocessed option for anyone in need of a sweet treat. Squeezed directly from the stalk into your glass, sugar cane juice boasts a number of health benefits, one of which is a low glycemic index. Pair a glass with the stand’s famous Cuban sandwich made with ingredients from right here inside Market, and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch.

STAND 10 717-405-6112

Try these Favorites:

  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese Pierogies
  • Apple Pie Pierogies (amazing w/ ice cream or fresh whipped cream)

Offering a variety of frozen and ready to eat pierogies using organic ingredients and vegan dough.


  • That spot by the window needs a new houseplant

Each week, John and Anna Beiler fill their stand with beautiful fresh and field cut flowers from their eastern Lancaster County farm. In addition to their varieties of seasonal stems, the Beiler’s also offer select house plants, herbs, vegetables, and succulents to be used as starter plants in home gardens. If you’re on the hunt for flowers, you can pick a single stem, a bunch, or a pre-made bouquet.


Try these favorites:

  • Fresh Lobster
  • Wld Caught Salmon

JB Kelly Seafood Connection was born when John Kelly took a solo adventure trip to Maine, fell in love with its coastline culture, and began bringing seafood home to his friends and family. He takes pride in carrying super fresh, wild caught, in-season, and sustainable seafood fresh from the Atlantic Ocean dock to your plate. Specialties include lobster, salmon, and oysters – all fresh, never frozen, along with their daily soup, salad, or sandwich.


Try these favorites:

  • Crab Cakes
  • Ranch Dressing
  • CheeseSteak Quesadillas

They offer cuts of fresh, quality meats, along with homemade salad dressings, foie gras, and caviar, with tips for preparing each. Their most popular offering, however, is their single-serving, ready-to-eat meals, which are pre-packaged in microwaveable boxes for ease in preparation.


Try these favorites:

  • Apples
  • Peanut Butter
  • Apple Cider

The first Kauffman fruit tree – an apple variety – was planted in 1911. Now, more than one hundred years later, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm brings to Market each week an abundance of delicious of tree fruit, including peaches, apples, plums, and cherries. Other favorites from their orchard include sweet apple cider and apple butter. Stop by for some of the sweetest treats nature has to offer!


Try these favorites:

  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Pretzels

In PA Dutch vernacular, “kom essa” means “come eat,” a phrase used at mealtimes to call family and friends to the table. And this is exactly what you’ll be doing when you visit the Kom Essa stand. Elmer and Miriam Beiler came to Market in 2014, and became an instant hit. They offer Market-goers quick bites like hot dogs, sausages, handmade soft pretzels, and delicious breakfast sandwiches.

STAND 66 717-606-7807

  • A coffee favorite!

A family-owned business, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters endlessly pursues their passion for the perfect cup. Honoring the notion that the best coffee comes directly from the roaster with deliberate sourcing, Lancaster County Coffee Roasters has been offering freshly roasted, small-batch coffees in Lancaster for over a decade. Micro-roasting is the key to their Lancaster County quality, and their unique flavor profiles are sure to delight.


  • Rocket likes the handmade bone biscuits

Lindsay and Joshua Gring started making all-natural dog bones in 2006, but have since grown their offering to include a plethora of tasty treats for your favorite furry friend. Made using fresh, human-grade ingredients, most of their treats are handmade right here in Lancaster County with fresh, local ingredients straight from Lancaster Central Market. The Lancaster Pet Bakery prides itself on having something for every pet!


  • This is what you want to eat while you plan recipes for all your other finds! The freshest, customized, delicious salad around with delicious dressings I haven’t seen anywhere else!

A one-stop lunch shop, Lancaster Salad Company features the friendliest crew of salad baristas; fresh, made-to-order salads; and locally made soups. Salad options are delicious, vast, and ever-changing, with a majority of produce being sourced from neighboring stands right here inside Market. Finish off your salad with your choice of favorite dressing – try their homemade basil balsamic vinaigrette for a real treat – and prepare yourself for a perfect salad experience.


Try these favorites:

  • Lavender chèvre
  • Honey chèvre

With their family farm dating back to 1797, Andrew and Mary Mellinger are seventh-generation farmers who fill their stand each week with the highest-quality farmstead goat cheeses from their farm in Ronks. They offer a selection of feta and six flavors of chevre, all of which are spectacularly delicious. A favorite with local chefs, Linden Dale Farm goat cheeses truly are second to none.


Try these favorites:

  • Freshly grated horseradish

For five generations, the Long family has been handcrafting its now-famous horseradish – since 1902. Each small batch is created using three simple, all-natural ingredients: horseradish root, distilled vinegar, and water. Visit with Kathleen Stoltzfus three days each week as she carries on the tradition of the Long Family by freshly grating horseradish root right here on Market!


Try these favorites:

  • Chocolate Milk
  • Mint Milk
  • Ground Nut Butters
  • Orange Milk has a cult following as well. Remember creamsicles?

A Market staple since 1999, and bottling their own milk since 1974, Maplehofe Dairy offers fresh, local dairy products from the Glick family farm in southern Lancaster County. Their milk comes from Holstein cows, after which it moves to their own processing plant to ensure its nutrient-rich freshness. Give their pure milk a try, or have a go at their delicious rainbow of flavors, including their famous chocolate.


Try these favorites:

  • Featured Latte” (I always ask for an extra espresso shot)
  • Strata (when they have it, it’s divine)

Clever stickers cover the counter and walls. A wisecrack lofts from behind the espresso machine. And then a steaming cup of coffee – or tea or hot chocolate or chaider – makes its way into your hand. Consider your morning better. Mean Cup offers made-to-order espresso, coffee, and tea beverages, as well as sodas and apple cider. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bag of whole or ground coffee while you’re there for your off-Market day caffeine fix!

STAND 8 MEANCUP.COM 717-471-6566

  • More hydroponic options to peruse

Ever since taking over his father-in-law’s produce stand in 1969, Bob Meck has been a staple here at Market. And now with the fourth generation behind the stand, it continues to be a family affair! Most all of their produce offering comes directly to Market from the 60-acre Meck family farm in southern Lancaster County, and also includes hydroponic varieties along with other locally grown options.


Try these favorites:

  • BuckEyes
  • Dark chocolates with toasted coconut
  • Ghost Pepper Chocolates

Miesse Candies has been making fresh, quality chocolates in Lancaster County since 1875. They take pride in using all-natural ingredients, such as pure vanilla, real butter, and fresh cream, with no added preservatives. Their rich chocolate is made with real cocoa butter, and all of their fruits and nuts are hand-dipped the old-fashioned way. Sure to delight your taste buds, visit for a sweet treat – or two!


Try these favorites:

  • Shrimp
  • Scallops

Mr. Bill’s Fresh Seafood has been providing Lancaster with a full line of top-quality seafood since 1981. And since 2011, Tim Glatfelter has been filling his case at Market each week with more than 20 different species of fresh fish, along with shrimp, scallop, clam, mussel, crab, oyster, and lobster, depending on the season! For a quick bite or a ready-made dinner, give their seasonal seafood salads, sandwiches, or soups a try.


Try these favorites:

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie (My daughter’s go-to)
  • Oola Bowl (My order: build your own Acai bowl with peanut butter, granola, strawberries and coconut.

Açai berry and oatmeal bowls, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Açai is a Brazilian super fruit rich in antioxidants and touted for its many health benefits, and is quite tasty when paired with an assortment of fruit, nuts, or drizzles, or on its own.

STAND 51 OOLABOWLS.COM 717-925-8900

  • My favorite place to grab postcards to send to my out of town family and remind them to come visit me in Lanc!

From hex signs and Dutch Blitz to postcards, t-shirts, and other locally themed collectables, PA Dutch Gifts offers an array of Lancaster-centric gifts sure to delight any Market visitor. In addition to taking the reins of the stand in 1984, Ron Peters has been making all of the metal items sold at the stand since 1970. For a unique takeaway from your visit to Market, be sure to pay Ron a visit!

STAND 43 717-285-4795

Try these favorites:

  • Clean Burning Soy Candles (I love Foxduck frangrance, tobacco, vanilla-lavendar, and coffee)

Sheryl Hazzard grew up creating unique scents with blended oils, which inspired the recipes for her hand-poured, clean-burning soy candles and natural body products. Candles were her first love, but lotions, creams, and balms came a little later to help a loved one in need of a medically induced dry skin remedy. If you find yourself running out of hands, be sure to peruse her fair trade, perfect-for-Market wicker baskets.


Try these favorites

  • Soft Pretzel
  • Pretzel Sandwich

Created by friends who recognized a void in the availability of good soft pretzels at Market, Deb Holt led the charge in the creation of Pretzels on Market. They offer Philly- and Lancaster-style soft pretzels, with delicious dipping sauces. You can also find breakfast pretzel sandwiches, locally made pretzels from Hammonds, and pretzels mixes so you can enjoy fresh Lancaster County pretzels from your own oven!

STAND 61 717-538-3134

Try these favorites:

  • English Muffins
  • Black and Tan Bread

A favorite since the early 90s, Ric’s Bread offers an assortment of artisanal breads and handmade baked items. Michael and Shelly are proud to offer all-natural, preservative-free items created freshly each day from locally sourced ingredients. Favorites include their croissants and 14-grain, cinnamon swirl, apple, and pretzel loaves. And if you’re in Market for a muffin or sweet treat, they’ve got those, too!


Try these favorites:

  • Ginger Tumeric Shot
  • Cranberry Ambrosia
  • Hemp Infusions

Birthed in Lancaster in 2013, ríjuice has been passionately crafting cold-pressed juice from whole fruits and vegetables and serving its local community ever since. With more than 200 flavors developed to date, shoppers at Lancaster Central Market will be sure to enjoy the seasonal abundance of Pennsylvania produce in every bottle. Every rijuice is vegan, gluten free, and made without the addition of chemicals, preservatives, or added sugar.

STAND 58 RIJUICE.COM 717-537-1058

Try these favorites:

  • Spicy Coppa (great in pasta or as charcuterie)
  • Pastrami (Make a reuben or air fry a reuben wrap like we did on our Instagram stories)
  • Prosciutto di Parma (chef’s kiss)

Rooster Street Butcher is a small European-style butcher shop offering handcrafted charcuterie and fresh meats, including bacon, cured meats, fresh sausages, and more. They work only with local farmers who raise their animals on pasture, do not use hormones and antibiotics, and treat their animals humanely. Taking great pride in what they do, all of the products at Rooster Street Butcher are created in small batches with fresh, local ingredients.


Try these favorites:

  • Why don’t you have the baked lemon ricotta in your basket yet?
  • Horseradish Bacon Dip (a fan favorite)
  • Bacon Ends
  • Ask someone behind the counter what their favorite cheese is today, and try that!

In 1920, S. Clyde and Emma Weaver began selling fresh and smoked meats from their East Petersburg home, and opened their Market stand around 1929. A seasoned boiled ham was a specialty developed by S. Clyde – one of the first sandwich deli meats of its time. Added varieties of ham, bologna, turkey, sausage, Swiss, Colby, cheddars, and specialty cheeses have made Weaver’s a destination when shopping for any meal or event.


Try these favorites:

  • Falafel
  • Spanakopita
  • Baklava
  • Hempseed Cookies
  • Anything Omar recommends to you!

Opened in the early 1990s to support his family after they immigrated to Lancaster, Omar Al Saife and his wife, Nadia, continue to bring the delightfully warm, savory spices of Middle Eastern fare to Market every week. With top-secretly spiced falafel, seemingly endless flavors of hummus, vegan options, and baklava for your sweet tooth, Saife’s Middle Eastern Food is a fan favorite. Test your own Middle Eastern culinary skills, and stop by for ingredients, too!

STAND 6 717-490-5500

Try these favorites:

  • Donuts
  • Long Johns

A staple in Lancaster County since 1970, Shady Maple Bakery regularly offers more than 200 varieties of from-scratch baked goods in venues throughout the County. Here at Market, they’re most famous for their Amish County whoopie pies, plethora of fresh-baked donuts, and delicious pies. If you need a sweet to pair perfectly with your coffee during your visit, look no further than Shady Maple!


Try these favorites:

  • Stuffed Chicken Breast
  • Turkey London Broil

For more than three decades, Shenk’s Poultry has been offering a full line of poultry, including chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, duck, and farm-fresh eggs, here at Market. Roger Shenk brings his poultry selection directly from farms throughout Lancaster County – fresh each Market day. At the stand, you can find precut products like breast, wings, and other popular cuts, or ask a member of the staff for custom butchering to fit your specific need.

STAND 18 717-391-7770

Try these favorites:

  • Gumbo
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Ask for a recommendation!

Make a trip to Central Market a “soulcial” experience when you try the flavors of Soulcialize. Create a platter with pork spare ribs, collard greens, and mac and cheese while also learning about how Chef Corey Woods is giving back to his community.


Try these favorites:

  • Chicken Pot Pie

Since 1942, Spring Glen Fresh Foods has been serving only the finest in fresh deli specialty items in the Mid-Atlantic region. They feature Lancaster County comfort favorites like chicken pot pie, chow chow, and Dutch potato salad. However, just as popular as their broad selection of salads is their great variety of soups and desserts. Friendly and eager to help you pick the perfect meal, your visit is sure to always be met with a warm welcome!

STAND 27 SPRINGGLEN.COM 717-733-2201

Try these favorites:

  • Fruits
  • Celery

Working in Market since he was a young man, Elmer Stoltzfus takes great pride in offering the finest locally grown fruits and vegetables Lancaster County has to offer. Sourcing directly from his farm near Strasburg and select local farms, visit Stoltzfus Farms year-round for a plentiful selection of homegrown and local produce!

STAND 21 717-874-0868

Try these favorites:

  • Steaks
  • Burgers
  • Roasts
  • and over 90 types of sausage…so get started on choosing your favorite!

Since 2008, Ammon Stoltzfus and his wife, Suzanne, have been filling their stand each week with fresh beef and pork from Elizabethtown in western Lancaster County. They offer a plentiful selection of steak, beef burgers, roasts, multiple flavors of sausage, and bacon. Popular cuts of each are always available for choosing, but if you’re in need of a custom cut, they can provide that for you, too!

STAND 65 717-656-4264

Try these favorites: 

  • Achenbach’s Famous Long Johns

Daniel and Rachel Stoltzfus have been at Market since 1994 with a plethora of pastries, jarred goods, and syrups. Formerly farmers, the pair delights in being able to offer down-home, PA Dutch goodies to the community. Their repertoire includes muffins, donuts, other sweet treats, including the famous Long John, from Achenbach’s Pastries, and jarred delicacies from local legend Ester Sangrey.

STAND 53 717-656-7031

Try these favorites:

  • Peppermint Matcha
  • Sea Salt Caramel Tea Latte
  • Paris Mist
  • Elderberry Shrub Drink

Kari Dandrea created Pureblend Tea with the goal of raising consciousness for healthier, more holistic living – one fresh cup of tea at a time. All teas and herbs are sourced from USDA organic and fair trade certified vendors in an effort to provide the freshest blends, encourage world sustainability, and support communities where tea is economically vital. Stop by Tea Bar to see which tea is your favorite!


Try these favorites:

  • Wilbur Buds
  • Turkish Delight (Because you’ve always wanted to try it since reading the Narnia series as a kid)

The Candy Stand here at Market is owned and operated by Ann and Richard Miller. Your visit will be met with a warm smile from Ann, along with an abundant selection of candies sure to satisfy even the most serious of sweet teeth. Favorites include Groff, Fitzkee, and Wilbur chocolates, along with fruit slices, rainbow coconut strips, and Asher’s Turkish paste. Swing by for a sweet treat!

STAND 24 717-475-2762

Try these favorites:

  • Pistachio Rice Pudding
  • Quiche

Chef Craig Cumpston and his wife, Holly, offer seasonally crafted salads, plus an assortment of soups, quiches, sandwiches, veggie patties, entrees, dips, freshly baked pastries, and desserts. Their foods are made from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients – many of which are sourced from their Market neighbors. Made in abundance each week since 2001, Craig and Holly are proud to share the most delicious product they are capable of delivering!

STAND 55 717-393-3923

Try these favorites:

  • Follow your nose and try something new!
  • Loose Leaf Tea

By the ounce or the pound, from the ordinary to the more exotic, The Herb Shop boasts a wide array of herbs and spices to help you create any dish in your culinary repertoire. They offer more than 250 herbs and spices, as well as more than 60 offerings of loose and bagged teas to enjoy. Be sure to visit their charming apothecary-style stand, as well, for a variety of flavored pasta, soup mix, and hot sauce!


Try these favorites:

  • Turkey Jerky
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Turkey Thigh Salad

The Turkey Lady is a favorite stop for those looking for the health benefits of a high protein, yet low fat, alternative to other meats. Home to virtually every manner of turkey product, including 21 varieties of turkey sausage, turkey jerky, and turkey snack sticks, plus so much more. Having worked at the stand for 20+ years, Tarrah Berrier now owns the stand with her husband, Andrew. Stop by for some superb Turkey Turkey Tips from Tarrah!

STAND 37 717-587-8015

Try these favorites:

  • Rosemary Bread
  • Italian Loaf

From the countryside of Italy to the heart of Lancaster County, Thom’s BREAD exemplifies the wonderful simplicity of a traditional Italian loaf. Each loaf is created with four simple ingredients – flour, water, salt, and yeast – plus simple, fresh flavorings like rosemary, honey, or Kalamata olives, to name a few. And if you find yourself looking for tomato pie, pizza crust, or baguette, they’ve got that, too!

STAND 46 THOMSBREAD.COM 717-201-2955

Try these Favorites:

  • Cinnamon glazed cashews (or pecans or almonds, ADDICTING)

Ziegler’s Gourmet Nuts


Try these favorites:

  • Fudge
  • Caramel Corn

A family-owned confectionery dream, Uncle Leroy’s Candy Kitchen is a licensed bakery and candy shop owned by Don Lennon. He uses decades-old family recipes to create each sweet offering. And every piece you’ll find at the stand is handmade using fresh, quality – and local when possible – ingredients, which makes them taste all the more delicious. Specialties include a variety of flavored fudges, caramel popcorn, and cookies.

STAND 38 717-475-5887

Try these favorites:

  • Sugared Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Pay a visit to Wendy Jo’s Homemade if you’re in need of a delicious sweet treat! Offering a delectable assortment of homemade baked goods ranging from animal-shaped sugar cookies with icing to health cookies, to pies and cupcakes. STAND 12

Try these favorites:

  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  • Whoopie Pies
  • Coconut Cream Pie

Opened by Brandon Zeigler in 2011, Zig’s Bakery is home to a plethora of baked goods and sweet deli items. Zig’s fills its cases each week with everything from savory scones and fruit pies to coffee cake and cupcakes. And you can rest easy knowing that each of their products is handmade from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. Whether you are craving a whoopie pie or need a freshly baked loaf of bread, give Zig’s a visit! STAND 67 WWW.ZIGSBAKERY.COM 717-626-7981

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of what’s amazing at market, that list changes and grows everyday. My hope is that this list of some fan favorites mixed in with our favorites, inspires you to add something new to your market basket, to ask the stand owners what they love best, and to have an adventure on your next market stop. We’d love to hear YOUR favorites! Tag us on instagram when you try something new! A few friends will be selected to win some $ for their next market visit! #shoplocal

For more info on where to park, hours, a map of the market and updates on market stands, visit centralmarketlancaster.com

 *Italicized descriptions of each stand, taken from and attributed to www.centralmarketlancaster.com

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